Stay compliant

ClinicNote is fully HIPAA compliant. With our software, you’ll stay compliant while reducing errors and improving reimbursements.

Save time

Spend less time writing evaluations and keep consistent documentation. Create simplistic paper free formatting across your clinic. 

Take anywhere

Our software is entirely web-based, which means you can access your notes, document, schedule and bill anywhere, anytime. 

“I like using ClinicNote better than my own therapy template. ClinicNote provides me with a time-saving way not only to plan for therapy but also to update clients’ progress. It’s easy to refer to my notes from any session, and the cumulative objective data makes parent meetings and report writing easier. Finally, customer service is exemplary.”


SLP – Alabama

Three Reasons To Use ClinicNote

  • Work seems redundant

    If you want a software that is simple and reduces the time and energy you spend doing day-to-day tasks within your practice, we are the right software for you.
  • You want to be electronic

    ClinicNote is a fully electronic medical record. We are ideal for people who are tired of paper and want it all in one place. We are also ideal for people who want a very simple easy to use EMR.
  • Ready to try something new

    With unlimited support at no extra cost, we are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable with our software.


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About us

ClinicNote is a tech start-up that participated in the Global Insurance Accelerator. Our main purpose is to improve lives of SLPs across the country.

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