Five Must-Have Toys in A SLP’s Clinic

A question speech-language pathologists often have when opening their own clinic is, “What toys should I buy to help my patients?” Toys are mass produced and shipped around the world. This can make it difficult for a speech pathologist to discover the right toys for their clinic because there are millions and millions of toys. Well, today we have compiled the 5 must-have toys in a speech-language pathologist’s clinic.

We understand the patient’s safety and security, therefore, all the toys compiled in this list were chosen based on the following guidelines:

  • Sturdy and well-made – eco-friendly is even better!
  • NO BATTERIES – You want your patient to make noises, not the sheep that bleats for example!
  • Encourage reciprocal social interactions – toys that are merrier to play with a partner or group.
  • Relatively versatile – can be used in any type of therapy.
  1. Trampoline

You know the excitement you get when you step on a trampoline. When a child is on the trampoline the same thing happens. The trampoline can act as a tool that allows children to interact with peers, try something fun, and open up. This trampoline can be purchased by clicking here and it cost less than $80.00. One great benefit of this trampoline is that it can be used both indoor and outdoor, so if you want to have a therapy session with your patient outdoors, just bring it out and start jumping! Read this article on “Trampolines helping people with autism reach new heights.”


  1. Sensory bins/tables

Children learn by using their senses. Several bins filled with mystery items, for example, can be used in conjunction with lessons that focus on articulation, vocabulary building, fluency and more. Want to save some money? You can easily get these bins at your nearby dollar store.

  1. Farm/ Kitchen/ Dollhouse play sets

These play sets are great for enriching language development. In particular, the farm play sets can help develop pretend play skills. Because these play sets usually consist of different pieces including animals, farmers, a barn, a tractor and food/waters for animals, there will be a lot of roles that you can use to pretend play. Encourage them to imitate your pretend actions. Here is a farm play set you can purchase from Amazon. It is a great option as it has a variety of

  1. Apple iPad

It is a very great tool to invest in as it is very versatile and can be used in any therapy. There are tons of iOS apps developed for speech therapy. Here are two links that have applications for Adults and Children.

  1. Blocks

Building with blocks is a fantastic language building activity. It involves social interaction such as turn taking, problem-solving and collaborating. Building blocks also help with imagination as many things can be replicated with a set of building blocks! Check out this 60 pieces building block set which will come in handy when you have two patients or just one very creative patient. This one even has a nice box for storage.









So there you have it! Have fun discovering more toys that suit your clinic’s styles and needs! Are there any amazing toys we left out? We’d love to hear from you! If you are interested in some extra tips for selecting toys for your speech delayed child, read here!

Thanks for reading!

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