Where Can I Find More Speech Resources

When was the last time you were looking for inspiration as an SLP and had a hard time finding it? Look no further! http://onlinespeechpathologyprograms.net/speech-sites/ has a list of 100 best websites for Speech Pathologists. If you’re looking for practice management, new therapy techniques, or just a place to browse then take a few minutes and check this page out.  Who knows, the next thing big thing your practice needs may just be a click away!

A few of our favorites are…

  1. Home Speech Home is a great place to direct parents for advice on how they can help improve their child’s speech at home.
  2. Geek SLP has speech apps, accessories, gadgets and more that can help improve your therapy and create a more enjoyable interactive experience.
  3. The Budget SLP gives out some unique themes that you may not have used before and could be a fun out of the box way to involve your patients.
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