Where are we now?

We are a full suite electronic medial record with features specifically made for SLPs to do an amazing job at what they do!

Where are we now?

ClinicNote was designed to support Speech Language Pathologists in streamlining mandatory documentation, reporting and billing. Our goal is to help SLPs focus on what they do best: work with their patients. 

ClinicNote is proudly headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and managed and operated by Lana Fox. In 2016, ClinicNote closed a round of funding through the Iowa Economic Innovation Corporation to enhance the functionality of the platform for SLPs across the nation.


Where did we begin?

ClinicNote is a tech start-up that participated in the Global Insurance Accelerator dedicated to improving the lives of speech therapists across the country!

How did we get started?

ClinicNote conducted over 70 hours of customer discovery and market validation interviews with over 140 different Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) since November 2014. Every conversation was started with the same prompt, “Walk us through your typical day.” From there we asked SLPs about their frustrations related to specific things they brought up. The most common complaint was the amount of documentation required by the insurance companies. The American Speech-Hearing-Language Association (ASHA) states that the average SLP spends 20% of their time on documentation, specifically notes and reports. With demand for the already busy SLPs on the rise, the only way they can see more patients and increase their bottom lines is to become more efficient in regard to all non-billable tasks like documentation.

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About us

ClinicNote is a tech start-up that participated in the Global Insurance Accelerator. Our main purpose is to improve lives of SLPs across the country.

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